The Huddle Hub One multicam feature allows capturing video streams from all the participants' devices. The streams are automatically mixed into a single one, who is accessible from the Presenter's VC client (Skype, Zoom, etc.) through a virtual camera driver.

Once the presentation has been started, the Presenter’s menu will populate with functions pertaining to the Multicam feature. To start the multicam feed, click on the camera icon.

The Presenter’s video stream gets captured from his computer camera. Participants can also manually start the capture of their webcam with the "Start my camera" command (or the camera icon on mobiles) and determine the inclusion of their streams in the multicam feed.

Now the Presenter can start his favorite VC software and select the virtual driver "Huddle Hub" from the list of the available video sources, and start the videoconference session using the VC software standard procedures.

The video stream from the remote location is automatically mirrored to all participants.